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New Gutter Installation

Responsibilities include inspecting sites, taking measurements and removing hazardous items, making time and material cost estimates, constructing or altering required parts, sourcing replacement gutters, fitting brackets, and determining water flow.

Gutter Repairs

The difference between gutter repair and/or replacement typically comes down to the extent of damage along any gutter. If the problems are large and cover significant portions of the gutter, an all-out replacement of the gutter is your best bet. If, however, the problems are small and confined, the existing gutter can probably be retained for the time being with repair work on those troubled spots. Our professionals will know whether to repair or install new gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

Even if you do not live where a lot of debris may fall, at the very least a good annual clean out of your gutters should take place. When debris washes into a gutter you run the risk of clogs that disrupt the flow of water. Cleaning of gutters will include cleaning out the leaves and debris that are clogging your gutters, bagging the waste, and flushing the entire system.

Gutter Guard Installation

There are two types of gutter guards which encompass various designs based on your own needs and preferences. Our manufactured gutter cover use vinyl and/or metal for a more fully molded fit using hardware or as a snap-in (or over) style. The most secure and well fit are those that require some permanent adhesion such as screws. The guards will typically slide up under your shingle and attach directly to the gutter to allow water to flow easily throughout the perforations and into the gutter while stopping debris.

Fascia Repair/Replacement

The fascia board is the long wooden board behind the gutters on your house. It is fastened to the roof rafters and closes off the attic and serves as the mount for gutters. Clogged gutters, animal infestation in an attic area and other roof problems might leave you with a damaged fascia board. A damaged fascia can be the starting point for other roof problems and potentially lead to damage to an attic and home. So, if you have damaged fascia, it is important to have it replaced.

Wood Fascia Installation

Many different types of wood are suitable for fascia boards. Spruce, pine and fir are all popular and relatively inexpensive options. However, most roofers prefer to use cedar, cypress or redwood for fascia boards. While these options can be more expensive, these types of wood resist moisture, even when left unsealed. If you choose another type of wood for your fascia board, you may need to seal it, or add a cap or trim to protect it from moisture. Sealed and painted wood may also need to be repainted after a few years, while cedar and PVC may require less maintenance.

Fascia Trim Work

Fascia trim is a thin sheet of material added to the outside of the board to protect it from the weather elements. Fascia trim is made from various materials, including vinyl, aluminum and/or copper. Generally, you want to choose whichever material will match your gutter system.

Vinyl Soffit Installation

Vinyl soffit and fascia has become one of the most often used products for exterior trim due to its durability and style. It has practically replaced aluminum in new construction and home remodeling. These items are easy to install and easy to replace if needed, and certainly protects exposed wood from water damage for years to come.

Wood Soffit Repair/Replacement

Wood soffit is the layer of wood that extends from the bottom of the fascia to the top piece of your wall board. This protects the rafters from weather, moisture, and allow air to flow through soffits and vents. Airflow is very important for the enclosed attic space to keep the temperatures equal and safe. If your home’s soffit needs to be replaced or you do not have soffit, we can install it for you.